Kris Urquhart

Job Title: FPFS, Chartered Financial Planner

Being a Chartered Financial Planner and more recently obtaining Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society, means Kris brings a solid foundation of financial expertise to the table. Continuous learning is a cornerstone of the practice, ensuring that

Rachel Urquhart

Job Title: Business Development

With a passion for precision and a keen eye for business development, Rachel is known for creating and implementing initiatives that drive business growth. Rachel’s experience comes from a background of entrepreneurship since 2010.

Natalie Massie

Job Title: Financial Administrator

Since joining the BFP team in early 2022, Natalie has seamlessly integrated herself. Her ability to grasp tasks swiftly and execute them has not only lightened the team’s workload significantly but has also afforded Kris more time to engage with our valued clients.


“After recently starting my own consultancy firm, having worked as staff in corporate roles for around twenty five years, I was recommended to speak to Brimmond Financial Planning by my accountant. Kris was able to advise on the most suitable options for consolidating my previous pension plans and commencing contributions from my new company. Kris also explained and advised on all the options from an insurance point of view. Being self-employed means I no longer have the backing of a company’s sick pay scheme or death in service benefits. We were able to utilise my Ltd Co to put various protection plans in place, maximising tax efficiency and without compromising the protection I wish to have in place for myself and my family. Kris also helped review our regular family savings accounts before recommending and implementing a much better overall option for us. Aside from being an expert in his field, Kris has a great manner and is a pleasure to work with. I have confidence in him and can relax knowing he is monitoring things in the background and checking in at intervals.”

Shona C

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